This is our story!

Hi, I am Mayna, with my husband Paulo we created Luli baby, and I am here to tell you a little about our brand!


Luli baby was born at the same time as our beautiful daughter Luma.

It was Valentine’s Day, and we came home with our brand new baby, I looked into her eyes, looked at Paulo, and in that moment I knew I wanted to only give her the best, and to never compromise on anything when it comes to my baby..

So I decided to create Luli Baby, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy but that day, our brand was born.

We are new and we are here to check one more thing off  your “mom worry list”.

We hold so much passion for our brand, and are here to make high quality baby products, carefully thinking of everything, lots of tests and research to make sure that it’s perfect for your little ones and our mom needs. (Safe but make it cute! Lol).